Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snowed in in NY

Laura Jean in her new GAP-tastic Cowl! I saw this on Ravelry and started right away, I knew she would love it. I want to make several more, I would like to have one. She looks great in it, of course!

The great part of having a huge blizzard in New York (that was fatefully handled badly by the Mayor) is that it has afforded me time to work in my yarn closet (big mess) and sort through some older projects and get to finish them!  I have been in since the day after Christmas when we got home just in the nick of time driving straight into the blizzard from Massachusetts.  I have the pleasure of having Dexter and Elle with me as well, what could be better?
I  have been trying to make this scarf for Susan, it was just a request from her, without any pattern, I am not sure this is what she wanted but I think it is interesting!
This is a triangular scarf/shawlette that I made as a result of seeing someone wearing a beautiful scarf under a leather jacket at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival.  I bought Mini Mochi right away at the Festival; I searched for a pattern on Ravelry for days and I did find this which was very close.  I love it! 

More bookmarks for all of my favorite people,  Interestingly, lots of people got Kindles and Nooks for Christmas, but you always have a real book to place one of these in!
AND...the third project that I have made with this wool.  I bought it years ago at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival because I love this yarn, but it just doesn't work up well in a large project.  It is too stripey and I frogged a whole sweater twice, now I have made this huge shawl to wrap up in.  I am still questioning if I like it or not.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Goose is Getting Fat!

Christmas is sister just reminded me.  Wow that sneaks up fast!  I have been busy at work, knitting up a storm, Lindsay sent me some beautiful yarn and a pattern book (hint, hint) for my birthday.  Just in enough time to knit her a set of mittens for HER birthday!  I was thrilled that she came to visit with Brad, and she was thrilled to receive her mittens just in time for the bitter cold weather out in Chicago! 
But before the visit from Lindsay and Brad, I was able to go out to Chicago and spend a fabulous four days with m y girls for Thanksgiving ! At which time, I gave Laura Jean her ultimate scarf, which was a specific request from her. I looked far and wide for the particular yarn to make this scarf and had no luck for the longest time. One night, I walked into my knitting class, and one of my "girls" came in with some yarn and put it on the table and said "I don't know what to do with this yarn, my sister gave it to me." The heavens opened up, the angels sang I whooped with joy! This was the ABSOLUTELY EXACT yarn I had been looking for for months!! Only the best of friends are able to give up their yarn, she was the ultimate sacrificer and said I was welcome to as much as I needed. I used just short of three skeins for this scruffy, puffy, Laura Jean Scarf!
I love her!!

Then, before Thanksgiving, going back a few months, I attended my favorite event of all time, the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. I go every year with my friends and it is like Christmas day for me. I saw a lady with a triangular scarf that she had obviously knitted (everyone wears all of their best knitted work there) and I almost followed her to ask her where I could get the pattern, I loved it so much. I am now sorry I did not, because weeks of searching did not help me find the ultimate pattern similar to the one she had used. That is so frustrating!! I did come upon this pattern and I bought Mini Mochi to knit it with, I am not unhappy with the results!

I am going to go right ahead and make another one because I bought so much of the yarn it will yield another scarf!! Some lucky person may be getting a Triangular Scarf for their birthday!!