Friday, March 23, 2018


One of my most favorite Christmas gifts was a bag o' yarn from Lindsay.  I had used some luscious yarn that I bought at J.P. Knit & Stitch, a lovely little yarn shop in Jamaica Plain, MA, to make a pair of socks.  The yarn was so soft and delightful to work with that I raved about it to Lindsay.  My fabulous daughter went back to the store and picked out several skeins of that very same yarn to give to me for Christmas. I love her!!

The yarn is "Alegria" by Manos del Uruguay

I cast on some socks right away and enjoyed knitting them because this yarn is so nice to work with.

Finished socks!!  This is hand-painted yarn

Since we have had a terrible, wet, raw, cold winter here, I wore my own socks all winter,  They are the warmest and one day I dragged them all out and admired them, here is a photo of most of the socks I have made and kept.  Many more have gone out as gifts to my daughters, my friends and family.  It is very satisfying to see so much of my work all together, a history of sorts.  I remember all the yarn, the patterns and the time I spent knitting them.

Ready to cast on another pair!

Chloe Kim Fever

There is nothing like seeing a knitted item and furiously trying to re-create it!  This winter, in the Olympics, the adorable young Chloe Kim showed up all over the TV in an adorable hat.  Right away I wanted to try to make the hat for my daughters.  I spent a few days trying to get the same look, using different yarns, different size needles...Finally I got the look I wanted.  I never did find the actual yarn that her hat was made of, but the super bulky yarn by Lion Brand fit the bill.  After several trips to Michael's I found enough yarn to make four hats.


My two daughters in their hats!
Here is a photo of Chloe Kim in her hat, the inspiration for my projects.

This was very exciting to me.  
I am going to write out my pattern to share.  



Size 15 needles. I would use a 16” circular or two circulars to knit in the round,
Another option would be DPNs , whichever works best for you.
Chunky yarn, I used Lion Brand Wool Ease “Thick and Quick”  or any comparable yarn.

Cast on 46 stitches and connect in the round.

K1, P1 around
Continue until the hat is 9 ½-10 inches tall.  You want to be able to turn up at least 3” around
the brim so you can gauge that as you go.

Next 2 rounds, K2Tog all around,
The stitches will be decreased to 11.  Cut the yarn and pull through all remaining stitches.
Pull tight and knot the yarn on the inside of the hat.


Make a tassel with the remaining yarn.
 I would cut 10” pieces, as many as you would like,  tie them together in the middle very tight,
connect to the top of the hat with a large-eye needle and some of the remaining yarn.  
You could also use the tail end of the yarn that you finished the hat with to sew the tassel on.
Make sure your tassel is big and chunky enough!
I have to add more to one of my daughter's hats when she complained that her tassel
was not as big as her sister's!


Sunday, January 8, 2017



Yes, It finally happened, I am retired from teaching after 25 years!
I have to say I was a tiny bit worried that I might not know what to do with myself, but LO! I can do whatever i want now!  It is exceptionally freeing to wake up and say, "I can do anything I want to do!"

Me at my retirement celebration!

Most exciting, of course, is that I do not have to drive into Queens, NY anymore.  The commute had become so onerous, taking up at least three hours of my day every work day.

ENOUGH of that...

Knitting became the first thing I think about every morning!
Of course I immediately started knitting socks

This is me knitting while walking around.  It is not easy but sometimes necessary!

Next I started to panic about Christmas, and similar to socks, I began to knit fingerless mittens for some presents

These were for Sue, The yarn is a tiny bit sparkly, I love this yarn!

These were for Nathalie, the yarn is soft white, these are sort of dressy.

I also started knitting hats, once I got the idea about how to fit them, I became a little more successful.
This was the first hat I knitted, for my little baby grandson, Shane.

Then I liked it so much I knitted one for Callum, in his favorite team colors, the Islanders hockey team.  He was not as excited as I was, when he opened his present, he threw it on the floor.  He was expecting a toy, I guess!

Brad loved the photo and told Lindsay he would love to have a hat in Vikings colors!

Sooooo, he got one!

One of the funnier projects I worked on was this Wacky Scarf.  That is what I decided to call it.  My friend Su gave me a cone of yarn that she did not think that she would use.  I started knitting up a pattern that I had saved called Nirmulintu, a sort of asymmetrical scarf/shawl.  I brought it to Skytop and when Sue saw it, she said "I want it!"  I took it off and gave it to her, and promptly knitted a new one for myself. 

Here is Sue with the Wacky Scarf !  It was very cold at Skytop this year, any warm accessory was greatly appreciated.

Sue is the (lucky?) recipient of many of my projects, first because she always says I WANT IT! But also because she looks great in everything and she uses all of the projects I have made for her. 

Laura Jean also wanted a sweater, for years she has asked me to make her a "Grandpa sweater" big, bulky with pockets...When I went to the Sheep and Wool Festival in October I actually brought patterns with me so i could choose the right yarn and the correct amount.  I bought a beautiful pure wool in denim blue.  She got her sweater on Christmas!

There were other projects, during the summer I knitted with Euroflax, which is like linen, I made this top it took me about 5 times to get the sizing correct, and I used several different patterns combined to come up with this.  I am happy with it

And then, for colder weather, I made this Vogue pattern with some very raw wool yarn I had bought years ago.  I did change the front button band from the pattern and made up my own with contrasting yarn.

This was taken in the middle of the summer so I tried it on FAST and then took it right off.  When the weather got chillier I was happy to get to wear it.

Right now I am going to go get the Reyna scarf that i just made with yarn that my knitting friend Su gave me for Christmas.  I will post the photo soon!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Catching up on Two Years of knitting!

I have ignored my blog, but never stopped knitting, I am getting ready to retire so I want to start again, I am hoping to be much more prolific after July 1!

I decided that I like to make vests as sweaters with sleeve are:
 1. Too hot!  and
                2. Sleeves never fit well.

 I was extra happy with this aran well vest, the yarn was so bouncy (that's the only way I can describe it) and the pattern was so well written.

 I also found this tunic and loved the yarn and pattern.  I will slim it down the next time I decide to knit one, it is very comfortable, and perfect over slim pants, but makes me look bulky!
 One of my dearest friends went to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival with me, and ran back to buy this yarn bowl for me for Christmas.  I treasure it!
 I had a visitor for a few months, my little Elle, she was my knitting companion while LauraJean moved from one apartment to another.
 My spur of the moment purchase at Rhinebeck turned into this wonderful long sweater-jacket.  I am so happy with it, I am going to move the buttons over a tiny bit so the sweater closes better, I wore it all winter, as we had a very mild sinter overall in 2015-16.
 This winter was the year of the teddy bear hats.  My niece, Jackie is holding her precious baby Charlie wearing the pink teddy bear I made for her first birthday.

 Here is a detail of the sweater-jacket I made with bulky yarn from Rhinebeck.   The jacket is warm! and soft, I love this yarn, I want to score some more next time I go to Rhinebeck, not until October!

 My brother-in-law asked for FIVE teddy bear hats, I think each one has it's own funny expression!  I had to take a picture of them all together!I still love alpacas, they are so gentle and serene.  I feel some kinship with them not sure why!?

 Nathalie wanted mittens for her birthday (according to Michael)  I love the way these turned out!

 And Lindsay bought yarn and a pattern in Rhode island so I would knit her this hat!  I love it, and want to knit more of these.