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The Wedding Shrug! I made this shrug for Nathalie to wear at the wedding in October. The weather was so spectacular and warm, that she never had to put the shrug on and i missed the opportunity to take pictures of the finished product. Finally Michael took these gorgeous pictures of the famous shrug so I can share it with you. Nathalie looks gorgeous in it. It is knit in a very fine wool twist and it really turned out great. I am lucky enough to be the proud recipient of another amazing towel woven by Steffenie, I visited her house the weekend we went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival she had made these adorable sheep towels! I knew that Lindsay would love to have a hand made towel and Steff was kind enough to give me one for Lindsay as well! We agreed that we love to give our work ONLY to people who appreciate it! Steff, I LOVE these towels! The other night when I went into my knitting class the first thing i said to the class was "This is the best thing that h

Maryland Sheep and Wool!

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and Mother's Day all on the same weekend!! Almost too good to be true! The festival was great, the alpacas were there and sooo cute. I went with Steff, my weaving friend and the only other person I know who could spend a whole day playing with yarn, like I can! The basket ladies are always the first booth we go to, they have amazing baskets, all handmade and very reasonable. After spending the day touching, feeling, comparing, buying, we drove back to Steff's house where she set me up to wind all my yarn before heading home. All of my children called me to wish me a wonderful Mother's Day, they are al l my favorite children and I am so happy that they seem happy! So it was a great Mother's Day!