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New Obsession?  I spent much of the weekend refurbishing my treasure!  This is an old spinning wheel that my mom's dear friend gave me before she died.  I have always had a desire to try spinning my own yarn but I am afraid I will have to  give up precious knitting time!  Once I went online and started to learn all about the parts of the wheel I am intrigued.  I sent a photo of the wheel to a spinning group online and they told me they thought my wheel is a B. Sanford wheel made in the early 1800's.  This is very exciting to me so I took it all apart and waxed all the pieces and am trying to find drive bands for the wheels. !!! I did get to knit a little bit this weekend, I had homework, schoolwork, Union work and house work that I had to get done as well but I fit some knitting in.  These are the socks I finished recently, they are a beautiful pink and the design is very fancy! I also started new socks right away because I am seriously into knitting socks right