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Three Day Weekend!

     Ah, yes, did anyone ever think it would be a GREAT idea to work four days a week instead of five?  I would work the extra hours just to do that!  I envy Lindsay who can work twelve hour shifts in return for days off!  I have been luxuriating in the quiet, after the frenzy of Christmas, getting finished with gifts that I was knitting for my favorite people I have been able to revisit some older projects and begin to finish them off, one by one.      Here is one, a Sea Waves Scarf, I love the colors and the way they change.  It is so soft , I may want to add a fringe or something to it, but the knitting is finished!       I asked Laura Jean to model the cowl I made for her, she got it for her birthday, I made one for Nathalie for Christmas, too.      Of course, Laura Jean had a request which I wanted to fulfill right away.  It thrills me that my daughters ask me to knit things for them, when they were much younger they wouldn't dream of wearing anything I knitted.