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Callum Well, the most exciting, huge event in my recent life has occurred and of course, has derailed any normal grandson was born!  Callum Michael Wagner was born on January 29, 2013.  He is the most precious adorable, amazing creature I have ever seen! Of course, I could add THOUSANDS of adorable pictures of this child, he is cooed over, and coddled and kissed and is my first experiment in baby digital photography,  His every move and grunt is memorialized when I am with him.  So, you will conclude that I have been busily knitting sweaters and blankets for this little guy. Here is the most recent picture of him in the sweater that I made for him, ready to go out for a walk! And on Easter Sunday, sitting on the baby blanket I made for him before he was even born: So, we had to miss much of our February break at school due to Hurricane Sandy in October which devastated the North East coast.  I actually was evacuated out of my house, spent some time wit