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Catching up on Two Years of knitting!

I have ignored my blog, but never stopped knitting, I am getting ready to retire so I want to start again, I am hoping to be much more prolific after July 1! I decided that I like to make vests as sweaters with sleeve are:  1. Too hot!  and                 2. Sleeves never fit well.  I was extra happy with this aran well vest, the yarn was so bouncy (that's the only way I can describe it) and the pattern was so well written.  I also found this tunic and loved the yarn and pattern.  I will slim it down the next time I decide to knit one, it is very comfortable, and perfect over slim pants, but makes me look bulky!  One of my dearest friends went to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival with me, and ran back to buy this yarn bowl for me for Christmas.  I treasure it!  I had a visitor for a few months, my little Elle, she was my knitting companion while LauraJean moved from one apartment to another.  My spur of the moment purchase at Rhinebeck turn