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To Knit or.....

  Retired life is amazing.  I am so happy. Every day is my own to do with as I please. While I was working I had a little knitting group during lunch, a bunch of us sat together and knitted or crocheted, and gabbed, I helped everyone out on different problems or stitches, it was a very pleasant break in the otherwise very demanding day. I used to say, "This is all I want to do all day". and I really meant it. And now I really can!   I am immersed in my yarn world every day.  Last weekend I attended the 22nd (for me) NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY .  I jokingly refer to it as "My Christmas Day" It was just fabulous, I go with a great group of friends and we spend the whole day touching and enjoying yarn, alpacas, and knitting goods out in the fresh October air of upstate NY.  I came home with a lot of yarn, I learned in previous years to hold back just a little bit as I had gone overboard so many times and bought yarn without a good idea of what I was