Knit AND Crochet

I am a Knitting instructor for a Continuing Ed program in my local school district. I also teach a night of crochet every week. I always encourage a cross over between the two because when I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me how to crochet. We spent hours sitting on her couch, she was so patient, it was a lovely time. I continued to crochet through my life and was so adamantly a crocheter...I never even considered knitting. When I began to want to create clothing, though, it turned out that, in my opinion, knitted garments drape much nicer and the result was much more pleasing to me. HOWEVER, I love a crocheted edge on a knitted garment, and also the inverse, that is, I love a knitted edge on a crochet piece! So it is with great pleasure that I welcome my knitting girls to join our crochet group and the crochet girls to visit our knitting group.