Market Bag

I have just spent several hours working on this great "market bag" It is knit with hemp so it is very sturdy, it is not quite done. I found the pattern on Knitting Daily, another blog, which has great patterns and tips. It's a nice small project and can be finished quickly so you get that instant gratification.
I want to start to keep a record of all of my projects, there are almost too many to name, it is such a shame to have them in bags in my knitting closet. I am determined to try to finish at least some of them!
I have recently reconnected with an old friend, we were friends in High School and just fell out of touch. It turns out that we were both at the Maryland Sheep and wool festival on the SAME DAY last year but didn't see each other. I had no idea that she was a fiber fiend like I am but she is a weaver. I visited her house in Pennsylvania last weekend and we talked fibers and played with yarn and it was just inspiring! she sent me home with a beautiful scarf and a table runner which she had made. We want to organize a fiber tour to Oaxaca, and/or Peru where you can actually go into homes and villages where hand spun and hand dyed yarns and fibers are made, and of course, where all those beautiful rugs are woven.
My bigger project right now is a sweater of celery green wool. The design is copied from a sweater that Steff had bought, I wrote down everything and am trying to recreate it now.