Rainy Monday

Rainy Mondays always give me the blues. Getting up at 5 is terrible. Now is the time I try to find any bright spots in my day to help me along and the one thing I can actually be quasi happy about is that I can knit on the way to work as it is Melissa's day to drive. I used to knit or crochet while I was driving when I drove by myself into Queens, too many people saw me and cautioned me against it. It is the only thing that kept me sane on the LIE during that dreadful commute. As a multitasker out of necessity it pains me not to be doing at least three things at once, and considering the things I love to do the most, the are all mutually exclusive activities. I have tried to imagine reading and knitting at the same time, and although Elizabeth Zimmerman insists that you can train yourself to do that, I haven't yet reached that level of confidence. Rowing and knitting? No, running and knitting? Running and reading? Rowing and running? Computing and knitting? Actually, the act of knitting is so meditative that it stands in a class by itself and demands my attention while helping me to weave wonderful daydreams about all the yarn and projects that I have yet to start!