The last day of my freedom turned out nasty and cool, slightly drizzly. A perfect day to wrap up on the couch and knit, I felt driven to get to the gym first and was unsuccessful in my attempt to get Laura Jean to accompany me. After that, I created a video in honor of my son Michael's birthday.  This necessitated several sniffly, weepy hours of work, all of which I feel entitled to as a proud mom. I was pretty satisfied with the tear jerking result. NOW IT IS TIME TO KNIT! I am working on the celery green sweater, it is straight knitting right now so I can watch the Yankees while I am working on it. I registered on Knit Picks today, I am interested in seeing what other knitters are working on and having trouble with. I want to add another photo so my mom can see it.


  1. please show a picture of the green, purple and pink sweater with the collar you are re-working.

  2. I will definitely post that picture, I will set it up today !


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