This is the quandary I am in, too much to do, not enough time to do it in.
This past week I launched this blog, sent it to many friends, read a mountain of information about blogs and how to write/advertise/earn revenue with them. It has been fascinating! I also cleaned out my basement (YUCK) and donated an enormous amount of gently used clothing and household goods to Vietnam Veteran's of America. Next, I re-arranged my bedroom and cleared that out of unwanted clutter. I visited the gym several times, YAY, and was able to get a little bit of a base tan on my face. Did I knit? not a lot. that is what I really wanted to do but it seems as though knitting is always what I reserve for "when I get everything else done." Right now I want to knit because in the big clean up I found three projects that need work. I have a pink sweater that is luscious, but needs the collar reworked. Note to knitters; Crochet a nice neat even edge around the collar opening before picking up stitches to ad a collar. This sweater is all pulled wide open around the neck edge, plus, I liked the collar style on my cable sweater so I am going to rework the pink one in that style.
Another sweater I made just doesn't look the way I wanted it to. I knit it out of Noro variegated with purple and green and dark pink it is such gorgeous yarn that it is worth re-doing. Maybe I will design my own. Last, I have a thick heavy crocheted sweater that is all diamonds and bobbles (see photo)

When I knitted the bottom ribbed edge on that, it pulled in too tight. I undid the ribbed edge and reknit it several times but just doesn't look right on such a thick bulky sweater. I am going to steam that one out and just finish it off with a crochet edge. I do love the collar as it was the first collar I ever made that folded over, It looks really good.
SO I am going to go walk the dog and then sit down and KNIT!