I just read in a knitting blog about stash and collecting yarn, I didn't realize there were so many of us. My stash is commendable. I like to play with my yarn, I like to touch it and wind it and put it into different bags and in different orders. I might waste a bit of my knitting time doing this but it opens up my mind to new possibilities and creations.
This week I am off from school! so one of my prioirities is to make serious headway on a few projects. One is the celery green sweater that i copied from a sweater a friend had bought. It is coming along perfectly, it is a very simple design. I am going to write it up. Second is the light blue tunic shaped sweater that I am knitting out of "unspun" that I bought at the Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck, NY. (every October, usually the third weekend) The sweater is being designed as I go using some tips from Margaret Zimmerman's book, the Knitters almanac. I love her relaxed attitude about knitting, everything is as you go, and what you like. The third is the beautiful lace shawl that is knitted in the round. I am up to the 129th round, it gets bigger and bigger each round, and there must be 700 stitches in this round. It is daunting but I want to persevere as it should be gorgeous once it is done.
My one sticking point is those projects that need a little tweaking, or a new (different) collar or button band. They lay in a basket waiting for me to get to them. They were all ambitious projects with beautiful wool that I loved. I have more of these than I even like to think about.