Early Morning

...is the only time I can think or write anything, the rest of the day becomes a blur of activity, decisions, meetings, driving, I can barely face the pile of things I have to attend to that await me on my dining room table. As much as I hate the blinking alarm clock going off at 5 it is really the only quiet thinking time I get.

Today I am meeting with my fifth grade "knitting club" they asked me to please teach them to knit. They set this all up. About 15 little girls come to my room during my lunch time to learn how to knit. It is so wonderful to see these kids knitting and proudly carrying around their projects. Much of it is the social time we get to spend together because now in the schools, or at least the New York City Department of Education, every minute must be accountable, every second spent in assessing and goal setting. The huge push is on writing and so the kids are consigned to their desks for close to six hours every day writing and reading. This is a welcome break to them. They want to be engaged and busy but this is a more physical action and definitely more gratifying. I am going to share pictures because I am taking my camera out today...stay tuned!!


  1. Where do the kids get their wool and needles? I would be happy to contribute some of my extras.

    Also, are there any boys in the group? Kudos to you for providing a creative outlet.

  2. I have been supplying them from out of my stash,.. I would welcome any contributions ..Thank you!!


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