Knitting Club!

We have a knitting club at school! The fifth grade girls asked me if I could teach them how to knit so we get together on our lunch time and knit! How cute are they?? I am very excited that they are picking up on it so quickly but the more important thing is that they get a chance to just talk and gossip while they re knitting and learning this skill. They don't get a lot of time in the NYCBOE to do creative and fun things so this is a treat!

In the meantime, a friend asked me to post the picture of the sweater that I am NOT happy with and want to rework. Here it is...I said that I would include some of my disasters as well as some of my favorites...This sweater is made out of such gorgeous wool, but the shape just didn't do it justice, and I liked the idea of the ruffle but it wasn't wide enough. So, I will rip this out and start again!