Wow, the day I had been waiting for, I drove down to Pennsylvania to stay with my friend Steff. We woke up early to drive to Maryland, arrived at 9 to see a long line of other yarn enthusiasts waiting to get in! We spent the day looking at yarn and all other items associated with sheep, wool, knitting, spinning, weaving, hooking... the list is endless. It was a day of sensory overload. I could barely sleep that night, I kept seeing yarn and colors and feeling textures. I came home with a mountain of new yarn, I have to say I caved when it came to sock yarn, it is my personal weakness. I was also introduced to a basket weaver where I was tempted yet again. I came home with a load of new baskets, too.

New this year for me was watching the Border Collie show. These are the smartest cutest dogs. It was really amazing. Of course, the alpaca were special, I love those critters.

So, now, I will knit like a fiend, try to use all my yarn, and look forward to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck in October!!!