Busy, busy, busy, that is all I can ever say, the days fly by and there is never enough reflection time or knitting time! The good news is, I have been able to work in some knitting time for example on the bus to Pennsylvania when I took my fifth graders on a field trip (four and a half hours on a coach bus each way) So even in the busiest times, knitting is a soothing distraction and helps to center me again. I have picked up where I left off on these socks, I love to knit socks and since I have so much new sock yarn, I thought I had better get these done, I love these colors and they are working up so nicely!
I have already cast on new socks with some yarn that I bought in Maryland, it is made with soy...which I find fascinating but not rational! I eat soy so it is hard to concieve of that turning into yarn! I like the feeling of it so we will give it a try.