More Socks

This is the soy yarn, I love the way it feels, and also the way it is working up. The colors are very bright! Beware having too many socks cast on to too many different sets of needles. None actually get finished because it is too much fun starting them!

I am also working on finishing the Celery Green sweater that I am copying from my friend's sweater. Hers is cotton but mine is all Chaco wool. It is coming along, draping well on Adele, my dress form.

It has been so so hot that it is hard to knit unless I am in an air conditioned environment, LJ and I were going to play golf yesterday but it was 102 degrees at 4:00 so we called it off. I ended up in my TV room, knitting the sleeve of the green sweater. I was just as happy. Today is a bit cooler, only 84 degrees at 12:45.