Update, update

Sorry, sorry, so busy working I have not kept up to date, I have been able to knit lately, it has been so drastically hot that there is no choice but to crank up the a/c and stay inside. We did venture to the beach last weekend, but got a taste of what the poor pioneers faced traveling over the desert, just exceedingly hot. It has been 6 days of over 90 degrees so this is an official heat wave! BUT I have made headway on my celery green sweater. I always stall on the sleeves, is it because they get wider at the top and never seem to end? Or is it because it is the last step in the process and I am afraid of finishing and the project not be great? Maybe all of the above. But the sweater does look pretty good, I am going to make some clay buttons at camp, I need big 2" buttons, just 4 of them, two for the front and two for the back so today I may start on them.

The baby booties are for a friend, so cute! I loved this pattern because they are so different and adorable! I have one and a half done. Again, have to find the perfect buttons for the closures on either side. Tiny little pink? Or pearly white...I am not sure yet. When I see them I will know.

I had a wonderful time out with my friends, dinner on the veranda of a restaurant right on the marina. I am hoping that I get some more shots of the night, but here is one for now.