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Here it is

I did finish the baby sweater before the child turned five! I had some anxiety about it, this is the pattern that was written by Elizabeth Zimmerman and is really beautiful, there is just one tricky feature about it when you have to hold all the stitches on holders and then restart them. When I make another one I will do a better job at that...but for the most part I am happy with this! Melissa loves it and Camryn will look adorable in it! Wear it well, Camryn!

25 Random Things

It was an exercise that I was invited to try, it became more introspective and thought provoking than I originally thought it would be. I started out very self assured but I feel like I learned some things from myself! Here are 25 random things about myself. 1. I love to knit. 2. Yarn is my obsession, it worries me that I have so much I will never be able to knit it all, but I love to look at it and buy it. 3. I always wanted to write, a book, or a diary or something meaningful, but can't write when I see a blank page, and it sounds so stupid once I write anything down. 4. I enjoy being alone. 4. I still can't believe how much I love my kids, it almost hurts. 5. I made terrible choices and decisions in my life that continue to affect me. 6. I appreciate fiercely loyal friends, and try to be the same. 7. I love to laugh really hard, and want to do that every day. 8. I really don't like to watch violent or sad movies. That doesn't leave very many mo

Baby Baby Baby

It does pay to practice working on a pattern sometimes! This is the baby sweater I am making now for a special friend whose baby is already one month old! Shame on me, but in defense, I was slaving hard on the 2009 yearbook for/with my fifth graders. ANYWAY, this Spring Break I have been immersing myself in the things I love, knitting, patterns, yarn, Laura Jean, and blogging! This baby sweater pattern comes from Eliabeth Zimmerman's book which bills it as an easy sweater, I don't agree that it is easy, it definitely took some practice, had practiced on some blue yarn before. this attempt is much better! and soon will be finished.