Shimmery, pretty

Here are some photos of my latest creation, it is a shawl designed by Meg Swanson. The yarn is shimmery and light and there is a lace border around the bottom which I have just started to knit. I was happy to get this pattern when Steff bought some yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, it came with a free pattern. She took one look at the pattern and said, "No way am I making this, it is too hard for m e" so I urged her to take the pattern and I have had it since then. When I inherited yarn from m y friend Nadine, she had started a project with this yarn, so I unraveled it and started this shawl. Now the dilemma, do I clean my house...or knit? I would rather knit but I am going to hold off and clear my afternoon for knitting. Today is a rainy sort of murky day so it will be perfect to work on my lace edge!