...knitting Like Crazy, but doing many other things...wishing I was knitting like crazy! These socks have been on the needles for a long time, way too long, and I took them to Chicago with me this past weekend to work on them, thinking I would have plenty of time. We toured DePaul Loop Campus where LJ will attend in the Fall, saw Nathalie get hooded with her Doctorate at Chicago School of Psychology, shopped with Lindsay, ate with the Going clan at the Frontera Grill...phew! Wonderful weekend, but the socks are still on the needles. This weekend? Maybe. I have two projects that I am determined to finish by this weekend, these socks and that shawl, I have 9 more repeats to finish the edging of lace. I will be visiting Dad in the hospital after his knee replacement so these will travel with me, a comfort.