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Whole Grain Bread

The recipe for whole grain bread that I made last Sunday, I just thought it was worth sharing! Delicious, I hope you like it Allison!

Lovely Sunday

In between finishing a pair of socks and working on the purple cabled vest I baked two solid loaves of whole grain bread. This is a great recipe, I admit I ripped it out of a magazine in a doctor's office and I am glad I did. I am going to share it with all who are interested. The Sunday was just wonderful, I was able to read, knit, bake bread, all restorative things. I never wanted the day to end. Here are the socks I finished, they do not photograph well but in real life are very vibrant, and Fall-ish. So today it is back to work, I will be thinking of all the knitting, reading and baking I could be doing instead!

This is normal...?

Now that I have shaken off the burden of heading out into the dark early morning to follow the line of traffic into the incorrigible Queens to work every morning AND my youngest daughter has finally moved away to Chicago (sniff!) I have begun to sift carefully through every inch of my house including my YARN CLOSET and ruthlessly toss and donate "stuff" that will never be used by any of my family. This is the aftermath of disassembling my closet and it is just a fraction of what I have stashed. Now, I know from spending hours on Ravelry, that this is very normal for any self respecting knitter; to have an embarrassing amount of yarn stashed, enough to satisfy an Egyptian queen in her tomb for the afterlife, for sure. I am increasingly nervous that I will not be able to knit it all before I succumb. I have asked my friends who regularly visit psychics if they have yarn and knitting in the after life, I would be so disappointed if they did not. I have visions of knitting

New Socks on 4 Needles

I have been dying to get a chance to cast on with this yarn, I bought it at Dutchess County Sheep and Wool, it is Scandinavian sock yarn, it has an oily feel to it and get softer every time you wash it. I bought yards and yards in natural and gray. I found this very simple but sort of fancy sock design, it is the first time I am using the picot edging...verrry fancy! Does this mean i won't knit the heel in the last sock that I was working on? You can never have enough socks cast on, that's what I think.