This is normal...?

Now that I have shaken off the burden of heading out into the dark early morning to follow the line of traffic into the incorrigible Queens to work every morning AND my youngest daughter has finally moved away to Chicago (sniff!) I have begun to sift carefully through every inch of my house including my YARN CLOSET and ruthlessly toss and donate "stuff" that will never be used by any of my family. This is the aftermath of disassembling my closet and it is just a fraction of what I have stashed. Now, I know from spending hours on Ravelry, that this is very normal for any self respecting knitter; to have an embarrassing amount of yarn stashed, enough to satisfy an Egyptian queen in her tomb for the afterlife, for sure. I am increasingly nervous that I will not be able to knit it all before I succumb. I have asked my friends who regularly visit psychics if they have yarn and knitting in the after life, I would be so disappointed if they did not. I have visions of knitting happily with my grandmother ever after just like we did when she taught me to crochet, sitting on her plaid, high-backed sofa in Middletown, listening to the mantel clock ticking while we studiously hooked stitch after stitch.

HAPPILY, I came across this pile of cast-on socks, I am just crazy about socks. all different yarns, and all different styles. I am making a promise to finish these socks this summer! These will be terrific Christmas gifts! If you are interested in receiving these as gifts, make a comment on my blog! Ha ha!