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Sorry that I didn't put my mind to it, sorry that I didn't stick it out. Sorry that I didn't invest the time that it required. Sorry that I didn't have the courage to either fix it, or forge ahead and create it, mistakes and all. The beautiful, spidery web of a shawl that I was once going to finish with my two knitting partners, and instead jumped into headlong before they got the courage to even cast on, is full of moth holes. Yesterday, when I convinced myself that I finally had time and space to spread out my knitting and inspect the mistakes so that I could determine where I had goofed and try to pick it up again, I found that the tiny threads that loop together seemingly endlessly were horrifyingly letting loose and leaving gaping holes where there should not be any. One might have been fixable, several began to make my head pound so for all of the putting-off I have done on this project, I suffer the ultimate indignity and regret. I have no choice now but t


My friend Steff loves her socks! I am happy, she is happy... they fit her perfectly! I love handmade socks for that very reason. AND no picture does the project justice like the one of the wearer sporting the garment, so here it is! Wear them in good health for a long time Steff! I am nearing the end of the cable vest project and am struggling with thefact that the front button band is about 1/2 inch longer than it should be. I know I have read somewhere how to undo parts of knitting, maybe in the Vogue knitting book, it will take some research. I don't want to undo all that I have done on the shawl collar, unfortunately if I have to I will. I have knit too far to easily rip it. I am now working on pink socks for LauraJean. I wish I didn't have to go to work so I could stay home and knit.

So this is what I do...

I complain all the time about not having enough time to knit, "I can't ever get to my projects! I have millions of beautiful projects waiting for me in bags with needles and patterns! I wish I had more time!" And then, when I get a little bit of time, this is what intrigues me, these little "Korknisse". A pattern I found on Ravelry that was just so cute and enchanting I had to put everything else aside and make one of these. I don't even know what it is or what it is used for but I have visions of millions of these little people in all different colors. I will admit, though, that I did settle down and seriously focus on finishing the purple cabled vest, all the pieces are done and I am working on the sleeve edgings now. It looks great, very vogue, I think I love it. Of course all of us knitters bemoan the moment of truth when we actually finish the garment, steam it out, shrug it on and take that first brutal true-life look at what your hard work