Sorry that I didn't put my mind to it, sorry that I didn't stick it out. Sorry that I didn't invest the time that it required. Sorry that I didn't have the courage to either fix it, or forge ahead and create it, mistakes and all. The beautiful, spidery web of a shawl that I was once going to finish with my two knitting partners, and instead jumped into headlong before they got the courage to even cast on, is full of moth holes. Yesterday, when I convinced myself that I finally had time and space to spread out my knitting and inspect the mistakes so that I could determine where I had goofed and try to pick it up again, I found that the tiny threads that loop together seemingly endlessly were horrifyingly letting loose and leaving gaping holes where there should not be any. One might have been fixable, several began to make my head pound so for all of the putting-off I have done on this project, I suffer the ultimate indignity and regret. I have no choice now but to unravel all of the millions of stitches that I have hitherto held onto and begin again. Sigh.

Well, a bit of good news, another project, begun, out of frustration and yearning. My brother-in-law, Hap gave me a pattern and some yarn that he picked out for Christmas last year. I am happy to say the instructions are clear and concise, leave nothing up to the imagination so I knit the two fronts and part of the back last night. So!

Moral of the story: Don't leave your projects in big lumps all over the place. Stay focused, love your yarn.