Monday Night Knitting

AAHHhh...Judy, what a wonderful baby sweater. We have been knitting together for many years, I am not even sure how many, definitely 7 or 8. Careful, persistent, fearless, gentle, all of these things describe Judy. Great job! We are now working on the "Ganomey Hat" that Elizabeth Zimmerman made famous.

Sue with her terrific Nantucket bag. We all want to run right out and buy them! Billed as the ultimate knitting bag, it has pockets for everything, it is sturdy and it converts into several different configurations.
Sue knits and knits and knits for preemies. She is the least selfish person I have ever met, funny, talented, smart, a great friend. I want to get her into knitting something for herself!

I love Monday Night Knitting!