THE Shawl

THE shawl is finished, here it is in all it's splendor, I love the way it drapes, I will steam it out a tiny bit longer today but the colors and the design is just great..I promised Steff I would put it on right away so here it is! The pattern caught our eye at The Mannings and I knew I had to make it. What was really neat is that every row and section was different so knitting it never got boring.

I was able to connect with a wonderful person online who owns an alpaca farm in Washington County.

I made a trip up there to visit the first annual Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival on the last weekend in September. I was happy to finally meet in person Andrea Wade who was so gracious and introduced us to her alpacas and sent me home with a skein of wool from her "Juliet" for me to experiment with. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience. Visit the website for AREA Cria-tion Alpaca Farm.