The Miracle of Blocking

This sweater has been folded in my room for months, finished, but not FINISHED,  that is, I knitted the entire thing, but I couldn't find the perfect buttons, and I copied it from a sweater that my friend had so there were no written instructions.  All those fine finishing techniques that patterns have at the end were not written out for me.  Finally, at the Rhinebeck sheep and wool Festival, I found these horn buttons.  I grabbed them immediately, I loved them right away.  So the work on this sweater was resurrected.  I finished the buttonholes and added the buttons.  Coincidentally, I bought some foam blocks that industrial shops put on their floors to prevent accidents and use them for blocking.  I am now an avid proponent of blocking.  I never spent much time or effort in blocking but i have found that this is the secret ingredient to the finishing touches.  I also invested in a floor stand steamer.  This is really a project that requires some time and space but the results are worth all of that.  So here is the sweater in it's glory. I am happy with it, I wore it to work and everyone loved it.