Woven Towels and Wabi-Sabi Shawl

My very talented friend Steff wove these towels for Christmas, I was the lucky recipient of one of them.  I am in awe of her handiwork as she says she is of mine.  We have a mutual admiration society!   Aren't they really lovely?

And here is a photo of the shawl I made for my sister, Karen.  She admired my first Wabi-Sabi Shawl and I decided to make her one; she was my Secret Santa person so this was the gift I gave her along with a long cotton sweater and camisole.  The thing that was great was I had put together a bag full of yarns that I thought looked good together so I used them, they are all different weights and colors but the shawl turned out just luscious.  This is my new creative interest, I am combining all different yarns to make wraps and shawls and scarves.

Here is a detail of the shawl. See more photos of this project on my Ravelry page 
I have had a little time off from school so I have focused on finishing projects that have been stalled, here is a lavender-filled collar that is supposed to be soothing to wear around your neck.  You can heat it in the microwave for a minute or two, then wrap it around your neck..mmm....it smells wonderful and is very soothing.  I knitted a "sock" to cover it which is washable.  See more on Ravelry page.