Trunk full of Sweaters

What do you do with a trunk full of sweaters?  These are some of my creations from the past few years,  certainly not all of them.  I gave a red ski sweater to my sister Sue, she says she loves it, I hope she does as these are all made with much love and determination.  There always comes a time, during each project, when I stall and think, "is this going to turn out the way I imagined it?"  or, "Is it worth continuing? It doesn't look quite right" This is a critical time, and if I can work my way through it,  I am usually somewhat satisfied with the result.

Recently, I took another close look at some sweaters that I had put away and not taken out for the past two winters or so.  Pleasantly surprised at the memories of working on them, choosing the yarn, putting the final pieces together, here are two that I photographed for Ravelry:

The catch is that it is impossible to wear as many sweaters as you knit!  And now I am heavily into shawls, and I don't even like the cold weather.  Maybe open up my own shop?  Or post on Etsy or E-Bay?