Fairy Tale

One day, while I was organizing my Vogue Knitting magazine collection,  I came across a pattern that I had marked with a flag.  Laura Jean had asked me to please make it for her two years ago.  I have hundreds of patterns marked in my extensive collection of Vogue, but this one just jumped out at me.  I had the yarn in my stash so that day, I sat down and started to work it out.  It is a very stylized vest with a large collar and plunging neckline, just perfect for a beautiful, young, fashionable girl.  I worked on the vest during my vacation to Florida, where I knitted along with my mom, what a treasured time, to knit socks with your mom!  We had so much fun...and she watched my progress with the vest as I watched her progress with the socks.   I had to leave Florida to go home eventually, but i finished the vest, I knitted the shawl collar twice as it has to be full and thick to go around the neck and lay the right way.  My excitement mounted as Laura Jean had no idea that I was working on a special gift for her.  The right buttons had to be procured, over-sized buttons which are hard to find, were ordered on the Internet...The vest was steamed out, photographed, wrapped in purple tissue and boxed carefully.

She is a remarkable daughter, her appreciation screamed through the phone line, it's perfect, she loves it, she is surprised!  She will send a picture of herself wearing it!!  Love you, LJ