Never Enough Time

So the summer comes along and instead of being calm, serene, lazy, full of time to ponder and knit I am caught up in a vortex of activity and obligation which rivals my schedule during the school year. "Summer Camp" sucks up all my time and energy, making sure that every one else's children are safe happy and entertained for the hot sticky days. It never ceases to amaze me how much advice parents have as they blithely drop off their precious cargo to me, so I can deal with them the whole day during the blistering heat. These same children that parents cannot deal with for half an hour...are with us for seven!! "They're hot, they're tired, they have to carry too much, they are not happy, I don't want them in the computer lab, they are not using real clay, they are afraid of the kayaks, they don't get enough time on the horses..blah blah."
I just endure as I watch my summer time minutes slip away forever, watching the clock until I can be released into my own world, my own thoughts, my own interests. There is a knitting class at my camp, my fingers itch as I walk by the room, I stop to visit and sit with the kids, urging them to keep their stitches loose, don't fight with the yarn, enjoy the rhythm of the act of knitting. I see them in the hallways clutching their prized needles with rows of beginner stitches, it is a creation, it is a source of pride. We have a bond. I want to go home and get settled on my couch where I can work on my creation-of-the-day.
Three more weeks and then I am released to do what I need to do. I will consider it a retreat into the quiet, where I can focus on my own knitting and restore what is left of my sanity and sadly, prepare for the coming school year.
I am now working on a lacy little jacket for Nathalie to wear over her wedding gown when she gets married to my Michael in October. The yarn is delicious, it is called Cashwool, and it is the softest Merino yarn spun so thin it is like cotton candy. Photos will not do this justice but i will put them here anyway so we can watch the progress.