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Jackie made me do it

My niece, Jackie, who happens to be a much better writer than I, started writing her ownn blog.  You can read it here Room 18 .  Needless to say, my mom, right away said, "You haven't written anything on your blog!  I check it every other day!!"  AARRGGHHH!  Now I am shamed into writing about all of my half finished projects!! I DID finish the beautiful wedding shrug/bolero, however,  I LOVE IT!   I think it looks even better when it is on, I am going to block it out.  I actually took it to the cleaners and they did a half-hearted job so I am going to tackle it myself.  Maybe one tiny pearl button in the middle of the button band if I can find the just-right one. I decided that I am going to try to stick with just no more than 7 projects at one time!  I have to finish some of these before I go on to another...this is very hard for people like me, I have a sneaking suspicion that it is hard for anyone who loves yarn and the promise of beautiful knitted things to