Jackie made me do it

My niece, Jackie, who happens to be a much better writer than I, started writing her ownn blog.  You can read it here Room 18.  Needless to say, my mom, right away said, "You haven't written anything on your blog!  I check it every other day!!"  AARRGGHHH!  Now I am shamed into writing about all of my half finished projects!!

I DID finish the beautiful wedding shrug/bolero, however, 


I think it looks even better when it is on, I am going to block it out.  I actually took it to the cleaners and they did a half-hearted job so I am going to tackle it myself.  Maybe one tiny pearl button in the middle of the button band if I can find the just-right one.

I decided that I am going to try to stick with just no more than 7 projects at one time!  I have to finish some of these before I go on to another...this is very hard for people like me, I have a sneaking suspicion that it is hard for anyone who loves yarn and the promise of beautiful knitted things to hold back from beginning new projects.

Here is one, It is a gorgeous shawl with gorgeous yarn that I bought in Maryland at the Sheep and Wool Festival with Steff.  I had started it, and committed the cardinal sin of all knitters by not making careful notes about where I was in the pattern.  When I set it aside, I was so lost that when I took it up to New Hampshire to work on it, I was forced to begin all over again.  Lessons learned!  I have created an Excel worksheet which can be used for all projects with just slight variations.
  Here is the second start, and the way it looks in the basket when I am working on something else!
On the needles
In the basket

And another project which caught my eye, and I just had to start it is this really neat tunic, I am using a silky mercerized cotton, I just love the way it feels.  It is a long cardigan-style tunic that will tie in the front.
Reminiscent of the 70's

Some more detail
So, there you go, Mom!!  I have a lot of work to do!  I am just hoping that I will get some quiet time to work on these before my summer sadly comes to an end.