Oh February Break!

The first time I have had any time to really organize and clear my head! Between Grad school, UFT activities, preparing for summer program, teaching during the day, and teaching at night it has been a roller coaster! Not to mention the weather which has thankfully calmed down at this point. So one of my main projects was to get through all of my yarn and get my projects in order. I am anxious about having so many things to work on at one time! I am in way over my head. Here is a finished project that I just sent to Maddie. I hope she loves it, she has not gotten it yet.

I have to admit that I have sorted through all my yarn and am actually giving some away and donating some. I am saving only my most favorite yarn, all scraps are going to Lupus and the baby yarn is going to a group that knits blankets for preemies.
Here is my latest Vogue pattern, it is a sleeveless dress, heavily cabled, so pretty!

Also started a V-neck vest with some soft mohair-type yarn. this is also from Vogue

When I went to visit Steff in Downingtown PA, Steff wanted to practice knitting so we had to go buy some yarn and start a project right away. I was helping her read and follow instructions for knitting. We picked out a ruffle edged scarf, I decided to modify the pattern a little bit, but I love it so far! I think LJ or Lindsay might like it when I finish it!!

AND it would not be right to fail to post a picture of the fantastic towels that Steff has made for me. They are now proudly displayed on my new butcher block. I know Steff wants me to use them...I will!