Montana, Hurricane Irene and two socks at a time!

After the huge responsibility of making sure all the children of Port Washington were happy and safe during "ATLAST camp" I was finally able to get MONTANA. It is a place that I have always been fascinated with so to have a getaway planned with my sisters in Montana was the greatest thrill of my recent life!

It was just the most amazing wonderful week, I enjoyed every second of it. Before I went, I wanted to have a project that was easy to pick up and work on no matter where I was. I had finished some pink socks that did not do justice to the beautiful yarn I had bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, so I frogged them :( and restarted with a pattern from Knitty
called Spring Forward. These are very fancy looking but the pattern is pretty easy to follow so I didn't have to be completely alone and concentrating. Well, they are turning out gorgeous and i am so happy that I was not too afraid to rip the other socks out and start again.

I was also very curious about working on these, two at a time on two circulars, but it is the only way to go! No more ending up with only one sock because I just don't want to start another one!

Here is a photo of another pair I knit two at a time. I did not use a printed pattern for these, they were sort of made up as I went. This is also beautiful yarn, called Socks That Rock by Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Luckily, while in Montana I was introduced to the local knitting group and I was invited to knit along with them one afternoon. What a treat! I wish I had a picture of everyone, we met at a restaurant called La Luna and so they call themselves LaLunatics on Ravelry. We talked and knitted and it was just heavenly. I hope they are all doing well and get to see this blog about them!

I was also treated to a day of plein air painting with some Montana ladies.

We were then invited to an artist's reception where we met some of the Montana artists, Sue bought a painting from Caleb.

After sadly saying good-bye to Montana, Steff came up for a quick visit. It is always wonderful to spend time with a fellow yarn lover. This is the gorgeous scarf she parted with when I told her how much I loved it! This yarn also came from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and it is a sock yarn. Deliciously soft, I love the plaid effect that she got when it was woven!

My most favorite time of the year is coming to a quick end, but not before our area was rocked by earthquakes and storms! My backyard did not sustain too much damage, but a tree limb did fall right on the deck, happily avoiding breaking anything, except the edge of my gutter. Quick fix, all it will take is a screw gun. PHEW!