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Monsters and my Knitting Club So not having had a lot of time to knit, it makes my fingers itch!  What gets in the way of knitting all the time? When I am with the kids in my knitting club at school, the focus is on watching them intently trying to maneuver the stitches on the needles, unraveling the yarn that is hopelessly tied into knots.  I day dream that I am on my couch expertly and smoothly clicking through another row of my latest project, watching it grow feeling the soapy yarn slipping through my fingers! My knitting Club did participate in a "Club Fair" night where we displayed our hard work.  The night was a success and it was fun to see everyone appreciate the kids knitting. Here are some of the little monsters I am trying to teach the kids to make.  They are crocheted and are a big hit at school.  Problem?  The kids want me to make them for them! My favorite picture so far, my socks on display on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower!  Thanks Ste