Many Good Things!

Oh! Oh no!  It has been so long since I wrote, so many things have happened!

Lindsay had a beautiful wedding in Chicago, all of our family was together for the event, it was gorgeous!  Part of the fun was creating the place cards for each guest.

We also learned that our family is going to expand even a bit more, Nathalie and Michael will be having a little baby boy in January!
Well, that means, of course, that I had to begin knitting immediately!!
This is called entrelac, and it looks like it is woven, so it is very interesting to look at and to knit!
I am also working on a "sweater" or sort of a lacy cardigan top, I bought the yarn at a fun little store in Manhattan called Downtown Yarns.  My  knitting group, "The ladies" and I went on a field trip to Manhattan and stumbled upon this shop.  The entire small space was filled with sample pieces that the owner had knitted so you could see what you  might like to make and then purchase the yarn and pattern!  It was so great, I chose this pattern and bought the yarn.  The yarn is flax so it is almost stringy, and I completely finished the entire piece and discovered that it was WAY too big.  I ripped it all out and started al over,  That is how much I love the way it is going to look!