Sheep and Wool 2012!

The colors and the yarn!  It was all like a dream!  I look forward to this day all year long and I was not disappointed at all.  I was more discriminating in my search for yarn, I have to say, I searched and held back, and touched and felt, and thought before I finally bought this luscious yarn, the hand-dyed mohair was such a beautiful color, that I couldn't decide between that and the merino in the same aqua so I opted for both.  I am not unhappy about it, I bought them both from the nicest older couple from Michigan.  I had met them at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival when I bought pink mohair yarn from their booth. That day was very hot, it was about 95 degrees.  When I visited their booth they had shared their iced tea with me!

Anyway, I walked out of their booth into the sun, feeling very good and happy about  my purchase and there was another booth called Good Karma Farm. The yarn was all hanging from a tree that was all carved and smoothed and polished, it was so inviting that people were all around feeling the yarn!  (that is what yarn lovers do)  The colors were so different and irresistible that I had to buy 5 skeins of variegated dark purple , you can see it in the photo.  the yarn is a blend of wool and alpaca and is very smooth and soft.  I had to start knitting it right away to see how it worked up so I bought bamboo needles, too and knitted in the car on the way home..

This is how stunning the day was, the trees were absolutely on fire.  It could not have been a more beautiful day.
AND we got to see the sheep
And the alpaca!
Now all I need is a little quiet time to knit.