Christmas comes but once a year...

but knitting goes on all year long!

    These were the Christmas cards that I made this year, I cut a linoleum block and printed each one. I enjoyed it because I actually had time one weekend night with nothing else to do but work on these....and decorate a little bit.  I always have my Santas out on display.  These make me think of Michael and how adorable he was when he was a little guy.  He is still adorable to  me, but he doesn't always like to hear me say it.

    I was unable to complete everything that I was planning on giving this Christmas, but the people who are waiting are very special to me and deserve the time and effort that goes into making one-of-a-kind gifts.  
    I started a scarf for my new son-in-law immediately after my daughter told me he needed one.!  I was going great guns with it until Christmas Eve when we were all ensconced in my sister's gorgeous mansion, eating, drinking and merry.  I just couldn't leave the party to become, once again, "that girl in the corner knitting like crazy" so I had to promise the finished item in a few days.  This is the very beginning of the scarf, in a mini-herringbone stitch.  I love the effect and I hope Brad will enjoy it!

    At precisely the same time, my son and daughter-in-law requested a hat to bring the new baby home from the hospital in!  The baby, due January 22, will, of course, deserve a special home coming cap so I set right to it, this morning actually.  I may re-make it because I was making it up as I went along, basing my design on a picture they had sent me.  I am very happy with the result but can always see some way to improve the final project.

    I am home on Christmas break now so I aim to also finish three infinity scarves for my nieces.  Lindsay got one before Christmas and they are in such high demand that I will probably be making them for several months just to keep up.  Here is the beginning of one for Julia.   
I really wanted to get a picture of Lindsay with hers on, I will have to ask her to take a "selfie" and send it to me!  Here is a picture of Laura Jean sporting her infinity scarf which was the one that started the rage!

I have also been enjoying some culinary experiments. After dining out at the Jolly Fisherman restaurant in Roslyn, and eating their creamed spinach, I tried making my own, to serve with Lemon-Rosemary Salmon steak.  Mmmmm...very good, very good!
I am going to stop and knit now, so I can post some more pictures soon!