The Final Three...

...days of this school year!   Yes, it has finally come to an end.  I see the light at the end of this tunnel.  Just on a personal note this has been a very trying year in which I feel that I spread myself too thin and am definitely feeling the effects.  I am looking forward to this summer time to regenerate and work on my knitting mastery!  Not to mention my long awaited trip to Scotland and Iceland on the Vogue Knitting Tour!  I can't wait to see Lopi yarn like this being sold at grocery stores!!

We had a lovely family reunion of sorts where I was lucky enough to spend some wonderful time with my sisters, my mom and dad and my son, daughter-in-law and my amazing grandson!  It was a beautiful weekend and I had focused on finishing a few projects to give to Sue, Karen and Mom.
 Here are back and side views of the "shrug" I made for Mom.  It is made of washable sock yarn, and is very soft and stretchy.  I actually want to start right away to make more of these!!  Julia already put in her order.

 Karen and susie both got shawls/scarves made of a shimmery novelty yarn I had bought some time ago, I always think of Karen and Sue when I see the color aqua because it goes so beautifully with these lovely Floridian, naturally-blonde ladies!!

Karen wore hers at breakfast...
And Sue sent me a photo of her sporting hers at Stonehenge!
Lindsay and laura jean were not  able to come to this event, they were together up in Boston for a sister's weekend.  Lindsay did send me this photo of her wearing the gorgeous black shawl that i made for her from yarn that we picked out together in Boston.
 The yarn is Karabella and is scrumptious, shot through with tiny bits of silver, it is very pretty, like Lindsay!