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Tools of the Trade

What is the one huge roadblock that stands in the way of my knitting?  (Besides having to go to work) Disorganized materials!!  Fed up with having to sort through bags of yarn, boxes of needles, and not being able to put my hands on what I needed I set my mind to organizing! I visited the Container Store on a whim and in it I found this! It is really a jewelry organizer but look how perfect it works for circulars?  By the way I am using circulars almost exclusively right now, they are such an ingenious design, even two socks on two circulars is GREAT! Each tab holds a different size needle Now, on to the yarn!!

Like Pink Cotton Candy

    Having the summer off is such a gift!  This is the first time I have had a summer off since I was 14 years old.  My goal is to become a master knitter starting this summer.  My wonderful, "knitting ladies" gave me a book entitled "Finishing School" by Deborah Newton which has been a true inspiration.       Two pink sweaters are shaping up beautifully with the tips and tricks I have already learned from this book!  This is the raspberry sweater that I am blocking out right now. This sweater is based on a vintage pattern, published by Bernat. I am thinking it was from the 70's, but I loved the shape.  I did make a few minor changes, for example I incorporated a 3/4 sleeve and di not make the mutton sleeve so wide.  I also deleted the pockets. so I am hoping it meets all of my expectations!   Here is the pattern and the beginning of the sweater:     The other pink sweater I am working on is the mohair sweater I am making for my siste