Like Pink Cotton Candy

    Having the summer off is such a gift!  This is the first time I have had a summer off since I was 14 years old.  My goal is to become a master knitter starting this summer.  My wonderful, "knitting ladies" gave me a book entitled "Finishing School" by Deborah Newton which has been a true inspiration.

      Two pink sweaters are shaping up beautifully with the tips and tricks I have already learned from this book!  This is the raspberry sweater that I am blocking out right now.

This sweater is based on a vintage pattern, published by Bernat. I am thinking it was from the 70's, but I loved the shape.  I did make a few minor changes, for example I incorporated a 3/4 sleeve and di not make the mutton sleeve so wide.  I also deleted the pockets. so I am hoping it meets all of my expectations!  

Here is the pattern and the beginning of the sweater:

    The other pink sweater I am working on is the mohair sweater I am making for my sister, Sue.  It does look like pink cotton candy!

      She has wanted it since she moved to Massachusetts and we saw one in the window of a pretty  yarn shop in Salem, Mass.  I purchased this mohair yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 3 years ago from Mohair in Motion.  It is harder to find pink mohair than you would think!  When I saw it I grabbed it and bought it right on the spot.  We were in a tent and it was about 95 degrees, absolutely one of the hottest days I can remember.  These lovely people were so sweet and offered us some iced tea, which was incredibly delicious at the time we were so parched!  

      The book has pointed out ways to seam edges, which I always just thought were straight sewing, but the edges on my raspberry sweater are the best I have ever done ...

Look at that SEAM!!
 I have also found out that EVERY row must be counted.  No more relying on mere measuring tape measurements.  

     Finished product!