Pretty in Pink

Yes, I finished the luscious pink mohair sweater that has been in my mind for so long.  Happy with the results, Sue looks great in it!  I used the new book I got for my birthday from "my knitting girls"and followed many of Deborah Newton's tips.  This made a big difference in the finishing of the sweater.  Here she is!
Now, the next sweater I have to focus on is for Karen!

For Sue's sweater, I rummaged through a box of old buttons.  I have a collection that I have somehow gathered from all over, some were Aunt Marion's, some Nana's, I am sure some were Aunt Kate's and of course, mommy's.  I was able to put together 8 tiny pink pearlized dome buttons which looked perfect on this sweater.  So!  A little old, a little new.  

I also had to add in a few panels on the sides of my raspberry sweater, it makes it a little bit more "swingy" as my friend Martha put it  I agreed and now I am pondering buttons, although it did not call for buttons originally. 

Elsewhere, I am still struggling with the linen cardigan that was inspired by our knitting field trip to Downtown Yarns in Manhattan.  I bought the yarn and the highly improvised upon pattern, I have knitted this sweater three times, now the fourth, I am not getting the fit right, but the linen yarn is so wonderful that I keep trying.  This time, I will get it, I am determined and hopeful because I have been sticking to one project at a time.  No more many projects at once.  As enticing as it may be to start a new project, it is like reading a book, once you get into it, you can't put it down, and if there are any distractions you lose the thread!

And finally, I did finish this afghan.  Some of these squares came from a dear friend who passed away. I do not usually work on this type of project but I wanted to finish it in memory of Nadine.


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