One of my most favorite Christmas gifts was a bag o' yarn from Lindsay.  I had used some luscious yarn that I bought at J.P. Knit & Stitch, a lovely little yarn shop in Jamaica Plain, MA, to make a pair of socks.  The yarn was so soft and delightful to work with that I raved about it to Lindsay.  My fabulous daughter went back to the store and picked out several skeins of that very same yarn to give to me for Christmas. I love her!!

The yarn is "Alegria" by Manos del Uruguay

I cast on some socks right away and enjoyed knitting them because this yarn is so nice to work with.

Finished socks!!  This is hand-painted yarn

Since we have had a terrible, wet, raw, cold winter here, I wore my own socks all winter,  They are the warmest and one day I dragged them all out and admired them, here is a photo of most of the socks I have made and kept.  Many more have gone out as gifts to my daughters, my friends and family.  It is very satisfying to see so much of my work all together, a history of sorts.  I remember all the yarn, the patterns and the time I spent knitting them.

Ready to cast on another pair!