Rollin" rollin' rollin...

I am on a roll, I just started keeping a log of my knitting, which keeps me accountable,  My daughter, Laura Jean gave me a nice bound book with nice smooth paper in it and I am using that to keep my notes in.  I had been horrified to open up my "knitting closet" to find at least 15 unfinished projects, all of which I am committed to finishing because I love them, I love the yarn, it brings back good memories,...or for any other number of reasons! So now I am staying focused on just a few projects at a time, and sticking with them until I finish!  That is my 2018 resolution.

 Luckily, I am newly encouraged and enthused because of my new knitting buddies!  Yes, I am teaching knitting again in Continuing Ed departments at two different school districts on Long island.  I have met the most wonderful ladies and enjoy sharing everything with them, especially tips and tricks all about knitting and yarn.

I took one of my groups on a field trip to Tarrytown to visit Flying Fingers knit shop, then on to Nyack to visit "Knitting Nation"  It was a gorgeous day, we walked around the towns, bought yarn dreaming about the projects we are going to knit, and had a delightful lunch at Didier Dumas.  I headed home after that but my itinerant knitters continued on to Mamaroneck where they found new delights in another knit shop.  I was disappointed to have to leave them however all my children and their children were at my house waiting for me, which is another delight altogether.

I love my Garden City Class and my Port Washington class!!

Here is a picture of the Four Stitch Scarf that some of my beginner knitters are making.  It is a pattern designed by Yarn Harlot and it has been so fun to see all the different results depending on what yarn they use, what size needles.  It has become a whole conceptual lesson in design and materials for my knitters!!