The rest of my trip

Trying to catch up on information from the trip because it was very hard to find a reliable wi-fi to upload photos.  While we were on the ship we were disconnected so that meant we  had to find pubs in the ports we were in to do any internet work.

The third day we were in Copenhagen was the day that we became very adventurous and took the train north to Helingsor, which is on the coast and the closest point to Sweden across the channel.  We bought the tickets as a round trip from Copenhagen-Helsingor-Malmo and back to  Copenhagen,
Central Station in Copenhagen

The view of Helsingor when we got off the train

I right =way found something to buy!  A gorgeous orange rain jacket

The town is dominated by a huge quay where many older sailing ships are kept.  Tolls were collected by the Danish King during the 

This is a panoramic photo of the castle, it is magnificent
The castle that stands on the very point is the castle made famous by William Shakespeare in his play,  Hamlet.  The castle is the Kronberg Castle but it is also well known as Elsinore, Hamlet's home.

My traveling buddies.

Everything is just so picturesque. 

We boarded the ferry that goes across the channel every 20 minutes to Sweden, to a town named Helsingborg

A medieval town built upon a shipping industry from the 1400's.  It is on a very steep hill which we climbed to get the overview.  We ate our packed lunch on benches in the town square.  We decided that, true to popular opinion, Swedes are much more reserved than their Danish counterparts.

We boarded the train from Helsingborg to return to Copenhagen, when the conductor came by she was frowning and confused.  She called her superintendent over and they had a quick discussion.  She was very nice but told us that we had to buy a SWEDISH ticket, not a DANISH one and that there is usually a hefty fine for trying to travel with the wrong ticket of 1000 Kroner.  She advised us kindly to get off at the next stop, buy a new SWEDISH ticket and get back on the net train.
That actually was fine because it gave me an opportunity to shop in the local grocery store which I find fascinating, I bought a bag of mixed candies and we got on the next train to Malmo.  We met and sat with this hilarious gentleman who started out as a button-up reserved business man, but quickly loosened up and by the time we got to Malmo we were all laughing our heads off and eating candy.  He gave ma a an of beer from Sweden as we were teasing him mercilessly about unknown Swedish beer.
Returning to Copenhagen it turns out that there was some huge soccer match going on in some stadium there and everyone was turned out in Swedish soccer gear and partying hardy.  Our hotel was situated near the Central Station and surrounded by pubs filled with soccer fans and it was really colorful and fun.  I believe the match was between Sweden and Switzerland, and Switzerland won.  That is what I was able to understand from all the fans I spoke to, although when i asked they looked at me like I had two heads.  They could not understand why I was not following the matches closely and that I even had to ask who won!

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