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 2020 was a very trying year.  I am going to move past it and just say that I will be focused on knitting more now than I have been.  It is my serenity! 

I Signed up for a knitting class online, to knit a Norwegian Sweater, more specifically a Kofte which is a stranded knitting project. 

This is the very beginning of my project
This is what it should look like when finished

It is a challenge but its also exciting to try something different.  The instructor is very serious about gauge and keeping the Integrity of the historical pattern as it is over 100 years old. She has interpreted the pattern to some of our more modern standards and into English of course.  I ordered the wool directly from the Instructor who owns and runs a sheep farm in Oslo.  The yarn is Rauma and is fingering weight.  Her website is Knitography She offers other classes and yarn as well.

This winter has been brutal, much more snow and cold weather than we have had in recent years so I actually have had more opportunity to use some of the items I have knitted to keep me warm!

This is a neck warmer (?) or cowl, I made the same one for my sister, we both agreed that as long as your neck is warm, you are worm!  She lives in Montana so she is aware of how to keep warm in the snowy winter!
And this is a more conventional cowl, it is really 
a tube shape and goes over your head and around
around your neck.  I made it with delicious
Cashmere that I bought in Elgin, Scotland

I have done some stranded knitting and
I enjoyed it!  This was made from a kit, so the
Pattern and yarn all came together.  I purchased it at
an Irish booth at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival


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